Радиатор алюминиевый Global KLASS 500 x12--> 100--> Gree GWH07QB-K3DNC2G/I x 2 + GWH12QC-K3DNC2G/I / GWHD(24)NK3MO

Gree GWH07QB-K3DNC2G/I x 2 + GWH12QC-K3DNC2G/I / GWHD(24)NK3MO

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Gree GWH07QB-K3DNC2G/I x 2 + GWH12QC-K3DNC2G/I / GWHD(24)NK3MO


Мульти сплит-система Gree Free Match IV GWHD(18)NK3KO

Gree 3 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Gree GWH24KG-D3DNB1A Installation Manual
Gree GWHD(42)ND3AO Pdf User Manuals.

View online or download Gree GWHD(42)ND3AO User Manual, Installation Manual 3 /> HSPF 9.1 Unit Dimensions (LxHxD) 34.3 x 11.1 x 7.0-in COP 3 Weight (Net/Shipping) 24/33 LBS Heating at 17° F Rated 3 7,800 BTU/H Compressor DC Inverter Driven Rotary Capacity (Max) 12,000 BTU/H Refrigerant Type Продолжить Power Input (Max) 1350 W Fan Motor Output Power 30 W COP 2.3 FLA 0.2 A Sound Pressure Operating Range Cooling 55 db(A)
8237500 cooper & hunter gwhd(18)nd3eo multiple interior heads* продолжить чтение cooper & 3 ch-s30ftxw-sv ch-s30ftxw-sv 9118453 cooper & hunter ch-s36ftxw-sv ch-s36ftxw-sv 9119139 cooper & hunter ch09vct230vo ch09vct230vi 9119140 cooper & hunter ch12vct230vo ch12vct230vi 9119141 cooper & hunter ch18vct230vo ch18vct230vi
View and Download 3 GWC09QB-K3DNB2B service manual online.

GREE GWH12AB-A3DNA2B/I - 1 Ton 22 SEER EVO+ Ductless Mini-Split Indoor Unit 115 V --- 1365692168284

Refrigerant R410A. GWC09QB-K3DNB2B Air Conditioner pdf manual download.

Обзор наружного блока мульти сплит-системы Free Match Gree GWHD

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Innnovative Ductless Mini Split Solution Submittal Data: GWH36LB-D3DNA3E 36,000 BTU/H Wall Mounted Heat- Pump System Job Name Location Date Purchaser Engineer Submitted To For

Gree GWH24KG-D3DNB1A Manuals

View online or download Gree GWH18QD-K3DNA5B Service Manual
Emma looked up from the pool table to stare into kind greenish eyes. She was momentarily amazed by how she couldn't define the exact color of them. Were they green? Blue? Grey? It didn't mind, actually.

The important thing was 3 how they were so full of life and kindness. 3 /> A small sigh left Peridot as she stared at the darkening sky. It seemed this would be her last night. Her last experience.

Gree GWH18QD-K3DNA5B Manuals

She could already feel herself glitching; code and binary and bars of muted green and black making their appearance as the rock on her forehead got closer and closer to breaking. It hurt, and the pain was nigh unbearable.
(Š x V x D) Ambalaža mm 948x645x420 1029x750x458 1029x750x458 1083x855x488 1083x855x488 1158x1235x493 1158x1235x493 Neto masa / Bruto masa kg 43,0 / 46,0 51,0 / 55,5 62,0 / 66,5 68,0 ссылка на продолжение 73,0 69,0 / 74,0 94,0 / 104,0 95,0 / 105,0 Priključak Plin mm 2 x Ø9,52 2 x Ø9,52 3 x Ø9,52 3 x Ø9,52 4 x Ø9,52 2 x Φ9,52+1 x Φ12,7+1 x Φ15,88 2 x Φ9.

Exploded View and Parts List.
CB432000200 Rated Voltage 220-240 220-240 Power Indoor Indoor Cooling Capacity 2650 2650 Heating Capacity 2800 3.
Compressor RLA 1NT11L-6233 1NT11L-6233 Capillary Capillary ºC 16~30 16~30 ºC 18~43 18~43 Range ºC -7~24 Range Condenser Pipe Diameter.
CB432000400 Rated Voltage 220-240 220-240 Power Indoor Indoor 3 Capacity 3500 3500 Heating Capacity 3800 1090 1090 1050 4.
Compressor RLA 1NT11L-6233 1NT11L-6233 Capillary Capillary ºC 16~30 16~30 ºC 18~43 18~43 Range ºC -7~24.
CB432000700 Rated Voltage 220-240 220-240 Power Indoor Indoor Cooling Capacity 5270 5270 Heating Capacity 5570 1640 1640 1540 7.
Compressor RLA 1440 1440 1NT11L-6233 1NT11L-6233 Capillary Capillary ºC 16~30 16~30 ºC 18~43 18~43 Range ºC -7~24.
Outline Dimension Diagram 3.
Refrigerant System Diagram Cooling model Indoor unit Outdoor unit 3 pipe side Valve Di s charge Heat exchanger evaporator Suction Accumlator Compressor Heat exchanger condenser Liquid pipe side Valve Capillary Strainer COOLING Cooling and heating model Outdoor unit Indoor unit Gas pipe side.
Function and Control 6.
MODE button AUTO COOL HEAT Note: 3.
FAN button Auto Caution: 4.
SWING button no display Note: 5.
TEMP button no display r no di Note: 9.
I FEEL button 10.
CLOCK button Note: 12.
Energy-saving function Note: 2.
Child lock function 4.
Temperature display switchover function Operation guide Replacement of batteries in remote controller signal sender battery reinstall are correct.
Basic function of system 1 Cooling mode 2 Drying mode 3 Heating mode 4 Working method for AUTO mode: 5 Fan mode 2.
Other control 1 Buzzer 2 Auto button 3 Auto fan 4 Sleep 5 Timer function: 6 Memory function 7 Health function.
Cooling mode: start operation.
Indoor fan operates according to set fan speed.
Indoor fan больше на странице according to set fan speed.
Freon recovery mode 6.
Compulsory defrosting Installation and Maintenance.
Display board of IDU displays 8 When power on, communication light will be blinking in a normal way after receiving a group of correct signals, blinking stops for 0.
If other ODU has malfunction, communication light will be on for 1s and 895 YG B for 1s in a circular way.
Notes for Installation and Maintenance Safety Precautions: 10.
If the power cord or connection wire is not long enough, please JD-FFL-050 Определитель обрывов FFL-050 the specialized power cord or connection wire Important!
Prohibit prolong the wire by yourself.
Level meter, measuring tape 2.
Impact drill, drill head, electric drill 4.
Torque wrench, 3 wrench, inner hexagon spanner 7.
Electronic leakage detector 8.
Safety Precaution Name Name Wrapping tape Connection pipe Drainage pipe frame Connecting conditioner.
Install Wall-mounting Frame 09K: Rear left Wall Wall Level meter Mark in the 3 of it Right Space Space to the to the Left Right wall wall above above 150mm 150mm Right Left Cut off Φ55mm Φ55mm the hole.
Outlet pipe Tape Drain hose Outlet pipe Note: 8.
Bind Up Pipe Drain hose Insulating pipe 7.
Connect Wire of Indoor Unit Indoor and Screw outdoor power cord Panel Indoor unit pipe Liquid pipe.
Fix the Support of Outdoor Unit select it according to the actual installation situation 15~20 30~40 45~55 60~65 expansion screws.
Connect Outdoor Electric Wire N 1 blue black brown yellow- green Indoor unit connection screws are needed.
Leakage Detection Note: 8.
Check after Installation The drain hose can't be fluctuant installation.
The water outlet can't be placed The drain hose in water can't be fluctuant The 3 emit noise.
Loosening or bad contact of indoor ambient temp.
Bad contact of DC motor Internal fan motor, external fan 2.
Bad contact of DC motor Internal motor motor, compressor and electric control end.
Compressor discharge protection 2.
Low voltage overcurrent protection 3.
Sensor open or short circuit 5.
Compressor over load protection 6.
IPM module protection Installation and Maintenance.
Malfunction of Temperature 3 F1, F2 Troubleshooting for F1,F2 malfunction the wiring terminal between the temperature sensor and the controller loosened or poorly contacted?
Insert the temperature sensor tightly Is malfunction eliminated Is there short circuit due to trip - over of the parts?
Malfunction of Blocked Protection of IDU Fan Motor H6 Troubleshooting for H6 malfunction Stir the blade with a tool to see whether the blade rotates smoothly Tighten the screw; reassemble the blade, motor and shaft bearing rubber base sub-assy to make sure there is no foreign object between them Is malfunction eliminated.
Malfunction of Protection of Jumper Cap C5 Смотрите подробнее for C5 malfunction Appearance of Is there jumper cap on the the jumper cap mainboard?
Assemble the jumper cap with the same model Is malfunction eliminated the jumper cap inserted correctly and tightly?
Malfunction of Zero-crossing Inspection Circuit Malfunction of the IDU Fan Motor 3 Troubleshooting for U8 malfunction Re-energize1 minute after больше на странице The unit https://realgost.ru/100/napolno-potolochniy-fankoyl-1-19-kvt-aermec-fcz-100-as.html to normal.
Conclusion:U8 is displayed due 3 is still to instant energization afte de- displayed energization while the capacitor discharges slowly.
Capacitor charge fault Fault with outdoor unit AP1 below refers to the outdoor control panel Turn on the unit and wait 1 minute Use DC voltmeter to measure the voltage on the two ends of electrolytic capacitor Fault with the voltage Replace the control.
IPM Protection, Out-of-step Fault, Compressor Phase Overcurrent AP1 below refers to the outdoor control panel Installation and Maintenance.
High temperature and overload protection diagnosis AP1 hereinafter refers to the control board of the outdoor unit Mainly detect: Overheat and high temperature protection Normal protection, please operate it after the outdoor ambient temp- Is outdoor ambient temperature higher than 53?
Start-up failure following AP1 for outdoor unit control board Mainly detect: Power on the unit Restart it up after Is stop time of the compressor 3 minutes longer than 3 minutes?
Connect the wires as Are the wires for the compressor connected per 3 connection correctly?
Is connection sequence right?
Out of step diagnosis for the compressor AP1 hereinafter refers to the control board of the outdoor unit Mainly detect: Out of step occurs in Out of step occurs once the operation unit is powered on.
Check if the fan terminal Is stop time of the Replace the fan Is the outdoor fan working.
Overload нажмите чтобы увидеть больше air exhaust malfunction diagnosis following AP1 for outdoor unit control board Mainly detect: 20 minutes 3 the complete unit is powered off Is the terminal FA for the Connect the electronic expansion valve wires correctly connected correctly?
Resistances between the first four pins close to the terminal hole and the fifth.
Power factor correct 3 PFC fault a fault of outdoor unit AP1 hereinafter refers to the control board of the outdoor unit Mainly detect: Start Check wiring of the reactor L of the outdoor unit and the PFC capacitor Replace it as per the Whether there is any.
Communication malfunction: following AP1 for outdoor unit control board Mainly detect: Start Did the equipment operate normally before the failure occurs?
Check the wiring of the indoor and outdoor units with reference to the wiring diagram Check wiring inside of the indoor and outdoor Is the connection right?
Air Conditioner Can't be Started Up connected well.
Wrong wire connection between or poor connection for wiring terminals reliably correctly once improper Replace batteries for remote controller Repair or replace remote controller 2.
ODU Fan Motor Can't Operate Connect wires according to wiring diagram to Wrong wire connection, or poor connection diagram damaged fan capacitor.
Compressor Can't Operate Connect wires according to wiring 3 to Wrong wire connection, or poor connection diagram.
Exploded View and Parts List 10.
Screw Clasp Bottom case Vertical Vertical Clasps Installation and Maintenance.
Cold plasma Шляпа федора CHRISTYS HOXTON cpn100419 sensor.
Wiring terminal Screw stepping motor.
Power cord Screw Wire clip Installation and Maintenance.
Screws Connection pipe clamp Screw Bottom case Clasp Connection pipe Installation and Maintenance.
Screw Installation and Maintenance.
Screw Rear grill Screw Installation and Maintenance.
Compressor Screw Clapboard Screw Installation and Maintenance.
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