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Мультиконтроллер IT8707F AXS

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Мультиконтроллер IT8707F AXS

Мультиконтроллер IT8707F AXS


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Midland American English - Wikipedia

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The boundaries of Midland American English are not entirely clear, being revised and reduced by linguists due to definitional changes and several Midland sub-regions undergoing https://realgost.ru/100/drenazhniy-kanal-aco-showerdrain-c-line-408767.html and diverging pronunciation shifts since the early-middle twentieth century onwards.

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Genevieve's Playhouse - Toy Learning for Kids 110,969,254 views According to Labov et al.
In the past, linguists considered the Midland dialect to cover an even larger area, extending eastward through Pennsylvania to the Atlantic Ocean.
The color blue on this map indicates thewhich is intruding southward into the middle of this region towards.
Louis, Missouri, show variation between the Midland and Inland North dialects.
This article contains phonetic symbols.
Without properyou may see instead of characters.
For an introductory guide on IPA symbols, see.
Midland American English is a regional or super-dialect ofgeographically lying between the traditionally-defined and.
The boundaries of Midland American English are not entirely clear, being revised and reduced by linguists due to definitional changes and several Midland sub-regions undergoing rapid and diverging pronunciation shifts since the early-middle twentieth century onwards.
The currently-documented core of the Midland dialect region spans from central at its eastern extreme to central Nebraska and Oklahoma City at its western extreme.
Certain areas outside of this core also clearly demonstrate a Midland accent, including Charleston, South Carolina; the Texan cities of Abilene, Austin, and Corpus Christi; and central and southern Florida.
Twentieth-century dialectology was the first to identify the "Midland" as a region distinct from the Northern and Southern U.
Early twentieth-century boundaries established for the Midland dialect region are being reduced or revised, since several previous sub-regions of Midland speech have since developed their own distinct dialects.
Pennsylvania, the original home state of the Midland dialect, is one such area, having now formed such unique dialects as and.
A decade later, Kurath split this into two discrete subdivisions: the "North Midland" beginning north of the valley area and extending westward into Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and northernas well as parts of and northern ; and the "South Midland", which extends 4 of the Читать River and expands westward to include Kentucky, southern Missouri,southern Kansas, andwest of the.
Kurath and then later Craig Carver and the related based their 1960s research only on lexical vocabulary characteristics, with Carver et al.
Conversely, and his team based their largely on phonological sound characteristics and re-identified the Midland area as a buffer zone between the and accent regions.
In Labov et al.
Indeed, while the lexical and grammatical isoglosses encompass the Appalachian Mountains regardless of the Ohio River, the phonological boundary fairly closely follows along the Ohio River itself.
More recent research has focused on grammatical characteristics and in particular a variable, possible combination of such characteristics.
The original Midland dialect region, thus, has split off into having more of a Southern accent in southern Appalachia, while, the second half of the twentieth century has seen the emergence of a unique in northern Appalachia centered on Pittsburgh as well as a unique.
Certain vocabulary is also specific to the Mid-Atlantic dialect, and particularly to 4 />See also: The emerging and expanding dialect of and much of central Pennsylvania is, for many purposes, an extension of the South Midland; it is spoken also inten miles west of the state line, as well as.
Its chief distinguishing features, however, also make it a separate dialect than the Midland one.
These features include a completed to a rounded vowel, which also causes a chain shift that drags the STRUT vowel into the previous position of LOT.
Despite having a Northern accent in the first half of the 20th century,is the only major Northern city to change its affiliation to Midland by now using the Western Pennsylvania accent.
For this reason, one of the names for the boundary between the dialects of the Midland and the North is 4 " on line".
Likely inherited from Scots-Irish influence, 4 features ranges from D.
Studied best of all in southern Pennsylvania, this feature may 4 declining.
For example, fire may be pronounced something like fahr or even far.
Southern Indiana is the northernmost extent of this accent, forming what dialectologists refer to as the " Apex" of the South Midland, with the accent locally known as 4 "Hoosier Twang".
For example with the entire clause in italics : " Alls we brought was bread" or " Alls I want to do is sing a song".
This has been especially well-studied in southern Ohio, though it is widespread throughout the Midwest.
I cheered last Saturday whenever I won the award.
Another possible Appalachian and 4 Midland variant is you'uns from you onesthough it remains most associated with.
Also, the older, more was extremely "non-Southern" in sound as well as being highly uniquespoken throughout the South Carolina and Georgiabut it mostly faded out of existence in the first half of twentieth century.
The older Cincinnati short- a system is unique in the Midland.
While there is no evidence for athe phonetic conditioning of short- a in conservative Cincinnati speech is similar to and originates from that of 4, with the raising environments including nasals m, n, ŋvoiceless fricatives f, unvoiced th, sh, sand voiced stops b, d, g.
Weaker forms of this pattern are shown by speakers from nearby and.
Boberg and Strassel 2000 reported that Cincinnati's traditional short- a system was giving way among younger speakers to 4 similar to those found elsewhere in the Midland and the West.
The area around St.
Louis has been in dialectal transition throughout по этому сообщению of the 1900s until the present moment.
This merger has led to jokes referring to "", although a more accurate would be "I farty-four".
Since the mid-1900s namely, in speakers born from the 1920s to 1940showever, a newer accent arose in a dialect "corridor" essentially following historic now from Chicago southwest to St.
Speakers of this modern "St.
Louis, Fairbury, and —have gradually developed more features of the dialect, best recognized today as the Chicago accent.
Louis accent's separating quality from the rest of 4 Midland is its strong resistance to the cot—caught merger and the most advanced development of the NCS.
In the twentieth century, Greater St.
Louis therefore became a mix of Midland accents and Inland Northern Chicago-like accents.
Even more complicated, however, there is evidence that these Northern sound changes are reversing for 4 younger generations of speakers in the St.
Louis area, who are re-embracing purely Midland-like accent features, though only at a regional level and therefore not including the aforementioned traditional features of the eldest generation.
According to a study, the St.
Louis Corridor's one-generation period of embracing the NCS was followed by the next generation's "retreat of NCS features from Route 66 and a slight increase of NCS off of Route 66", in turn followed by the most recent generations' decreasing evidence of the NCS until it disappears altogether among the youngest speakers.
Thus, due to harboring two different dialects in the same geographic space, the "Corridor appears simultaneously as a single dialect продолжение здесь and two separate dialect areas".
Texan cities classifiable as such specifically include Abilene, Austin, and Corpus Christi.
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