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Those Mysterious Golden Plates - Rich Kelsey

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Those Mysterious Golden Plates - Rich Kelsey Joseph Smith's story of finding golden plates by Rich Kelsey - gold plates fraud, golden plates myth, gold plates hoax, brass plates, Mormon, hoax, Joseph Smith, fraud, LDS, Book of Mormon - whatever happened to the golden plates?
Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, was raised in one of the most intriguing periods in American religious history.
That is what we can do as we journey to 19th century America, to experience the mindset and lifestyle of Joseph Smith and his colleagues.
Yet, over the years The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has sterilized the over the top lifestyle and activities Smith was once known for.
Many plain and precious truths have being taken away.
For some, this will be too bitter of a pill to swallow.
Others will find healing through digesting its message.
Imagine waking up in New York to find a world brimming взято отсюда folklore, interspersed with folk-magic, and steeped in strong religious views; that would be a dream come true for some.
Meeting friends and neighbors with limited educations, who believe in the superstitions of the day, would certainly add color to the dream.
A Humble Beginning : When the Mormon prophet was 10 years old his father moved the family from Sharon Vermont to Palmyra New York.
The year was 1816.
New York was frontier country; it had yet to be settled.
Lumber was plentiful, game was abundant; the land was fertile.
For many, New York was a land of opportunity; yet for the Smith family, this move was just another stop on a читать больше road of broken dreams.
Hard work was necessary to secure enough food to make it through the winters; and to procure enough cash to pay state imposed land taxes.
The Smith family struggled with poverty ever since Joseph Smith Sr.
When they arrived in Palmyra, they bought another farm by making payments on a loan; they ended up losing this farm too; because they were not able to make the final payment in time.
Once again the Smith family moved, this time to a nearby town in Western New York called Manchester, in Ontario County.
Western New York was a land of mystery.
Burial mounds blanketed the landscape.
Common folktales of the time included stories of the Vikings, or the lost ten tribes of Israel, читать полностью responsible for the numerous burial mounds found in America.
Yet these folktales, unlike some of the tall tales that were common in the 1800s, were thought to be true.
People in the 1800s had several reasons to doubt that American Indians had constructed the burial mounds scattered across the land.
The term "mound builder" back then had connotations of a mysterious, ancient race.
Before their rebellion, they were white and exceedingly fair, like the Nephites; but the Lord God cursed them in their complexions, and they were changed to a dark colour; and they became a wild, savage, and ferocious people; being great enemies to the Nephites, whom they sought, by every means, to destroy, and many times came against them with their numerous hosts to battle, but were repulsed by the Nephites, and driven back to their own possessions, not, however, generally speaking, without great loss on both sides; for tens of thousands were frequently slain, after which they were piled together in great heaps upon the face of the ground, and covered with a shallow covering of earth, which will satisfactorily account for those ancient mounds, filled with human bones, so numerous at the present day, both in North and South America.
Joseph had a stone which was dug from the well of Mason Chase, twenty-four feet from the surface.
In this stone he could see many things to my certain knowledge.
It was by means of this stone he first discovered these plates… Joseph had had this stone for some time.
There was a company there in that neighborhood, who were digging for money supposed to have been hidden by the ancients.
Of this company were old Mr.
Stowel--I think his name was Josiah--also old Mr.
Beman, also Samuel Lawrence, George Proper, Joseph Smith, jr.
They dug for money in Palmyra, Manchester, also in Pennsylvania, and other places.
When Joseph found this stone, there was a company digging in Harmony, Pa.
Smith himself talks about this briefly in the History of the Church.
They then became discouraged, and soon after dispersed.
They make the claim that the supernatural has entered into the natural world.
Over the course of history some of the details have become sketchy.
Joseph Smith was caught up in the understanding that a dead man, who was now a spirit, could keep watch over buried treasure.
This was during the same time period when the spirit of another dead man was watching over the golden plates.
And, it is similar to an account of the golden plates story published by Fayette Lapham in 1870 of an earlier interview with Joseph Smith, Sr.
Hill, BYU Studies, p.
Smith believed that men who were evil in this life could remain on earth as evil spirits after death.
More than once, when the digging proved a failure, Joe explained to his associates that, just as the deposit was about to be reached, some one, tempted by the devil, spoke, causing the wished-for riches to disappear.
But wouldn't that also mean that he was innocent of deception and the reason the law was created?
One might wonder: Are Mormon apologists really asking people to take those testimonies at face value?
Probably not: Because most apologists would not insist that everything the witnesses said is true; such as: ".
Yet, by claiming Smith could see things in his stone, while admitting that what he claimed he saw was not real, is nothing less than doubletalk.
This is a real problem for Mormons; because, if what Smith told Stowell and his crew is fictitious, then the odds are good that the gold plates story, which is along similar lines, is also pure fiction.
The gold plates were also supposedly buried in a box by the ancients and held in charge by the spirit of a dead man.
And, Joseph Smith was telling people he was trying to obtain the gold plates during the same period in his life he was brought before Judge Neely for glass looking.
At least 10 different accounts, all secondhand, refer to this cave and what was found there.
With these reports of a cave in the Hill Cumorah comes the question, Was this a real cave that Joseph and others actually walked into, or was it a visionary, or "virtual," experience?
One of the Quorum of the Twelve - a young man full of faith and good works, prayed, and the vision of his mind was opened, and the angel of God came and laid the plates before him, and he saw and handled them, and saw the angel, and conversed with him as he would with one of his friends; but after all this, he was left to doubt, and plunged into apostacy, and has continued to contend against this work.
There are hundreds in a similar condition.
Perhaps these people were mesmerized by the power of suggestion; then later, they woke up to the reality that they had only imagined seeing gold plates?
And, as usual, details surrounding the gold plates are beyond belief.
The year passed over before Joseph was aware of it, so time passed by; but he went to the place of deposit, where the same man appeared again, and said he had not читать полностью punctual in following his directions, and, in consequence, he could not have the article yet.
Joseph asked when he could have them; and the answer was, 'Come in one year from this time, and bring your oldest brother with you; then you may have them.
Joseph asked, 'How shall I know the person?
Therefore, if an actual spirit did appear to Smith, what are the odds it was a messenger from God?
One would think that after Alvin died, Smith himself would have realized that he was merely dealing with an evil spirit, once again; just as he had in past money digging ventures.
One thing we can be certain of: Joseph Smith did not know his oldest brother would die before next September 22 nd.
Knowledge of it would certainly hinder those trying to build faith in Smith as a prophet.
An Odd Admission : Joseph Smith recorded in his 1832-34 diary that because he sought the plates for impure motives he was prevented from acquiring them until he was 21 years old: "for now I had been tempted of the advisary and sought the Plates to obtain riches ссылка на продолжение kept not the commandments that I should have an eye https://realgost.ru/100/gas-gas-tester-tual-100-ml.html to the glory of God therefore I was chastened and sought diligently to obtain the plates and obtain them not until I was twenty one years of age.
Perhaps Smith was trying to add credibility to the story he was telling of finding tangible plates, which could have been melted down and sold; and, how этикетки {brd236986} BPT-305-427 overcame that temptation for the glory of God?
One thing is certain: later versions of Smith's stories add details unheard of in earlier versions.
Having some further conversation with the angel on this occasion, Joseph was permitted to raise the stone again, when https://realgost.ru/100/lasti-jet-fin-s-pruzhinoy-limited-edition-scubapro-l-kamuflyazh.html beheld the plates as he had done before.
He immediately reached forth his hand to take them, but instead of getting them, as he anticipated, he was hurled back upon the ground with great violence.
When he recovered, the angel was gone, and he arose and returned to the house weeping for grief and disappointment.
What's interesting is what Knight records next: "He had heard people tell of such things.
But the 22nd day of September next he might have it if he brought the right person.
Note: According to the story, Joseph Smith left his wife in the carriage on the night of September, 22nd, 1827; then he proceeded up the hill alone to meet Moroni and receive the plates.
Why would he not bring Emma to meet Moroni if Emma was the right person to bring?
One would think leaving Emma in the carriage would be a violation of the angel's instructions.
Could it be that in reality there was no angel for her to meet?
This brings to mind images of a clairvoyant looking into a crystal ball.
Soothsaying is the supernatural ability ссылка на продолжение perceive things, including what may happen in the future.
Years before, the angel had chastised Joseph by violently hurling him for disobeying this primary instruction!
The morning Joseph Smith supposedly really did get the plates, what he actually came home with was another story.
It certainly falls into the category of letting them out of his hands before he brings them into the house.
The only thing that makes sense: Smith changed his story again; because, he came home empty handed one more time.
Lucy writes about a neighbor who asked Joseph to dig a well for her.
Lucy explains that, by digging the well, Joe was earning the money to pay the cabinet maker.
What all this means is: as the story goes, the plates were in the woods for several days at the very least, before Joseph brought them into the house.
He came for Joseph on account of having heard that he possessed certain keys, by which he could discern things invisible to the natural eye.
From this point on, Joseph Smith became known as the prophet who obtained the Urim and Thummim from узнать больше здесь angel.
Turning his back on his old stone-peeping days!
That understanding is only an Illusion.
The words Urim and Thumim sic were never spoken to Lucy Smith by her son Joseph in the late 1820s.
Here is an example: BOC 9:1, p.
Why were God's words changed?
Could this be a clear example of Smith and his associates re-writing their history and backdating it in succeeding publications?
Joseph Smith described the Urim and Thummim as a pair of glasses or spectacles.
Yet, there is no credible evidence that people wore glasses in Old Testament times.
Accounts of hiding the ASA Colibri 1,4 л, wrapping the plates with cloth, showing the plates and translating from the plates become nothing more than one long attempt at fraud and make https://realgost.ru/100/portretnaya-tarelka-jinbei-qz-40-radar-reflector-s-sotovoy-nasadkoy-qz-41.html else Joseph Smith did doubtful.
Endnotes: The LDS Church has certain documents containing primary source material locked away.
Vickery "I, along with colleagues, and drawing from years of research, find the evidence employed to support many traditional claims about the church to be either nonexistent or problematic.
In other words, it didn't all happen the way we've been told.
Palmer, Signature Books, 2002, p.
This reworking made the stories more useful for missionary work and for fellowshipping purposes.
But is this acceptable?
Palmer, Signature Books, 2002, p.
On the twenty-second посмотреть еще of September, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven, having gone as usual at the end of another year to the place where they were deposited, the same heavenly messenger delivered them up to me with this charge: that I should be responsible for them; that if I should let them go 5, or through any neglect of mine, I should be cut off; but that if I would use all my endeavors to preserve them, until he, the messenger, should call for them, they should be protected.
Says that prisoner had been at his house something like five months.
He confirmed, at great length 5 that his son had said in his examination.
He described very many instances of his finding hidden and stolen goods.
He arose with a thankful heart, carried his tools to their owner, turned his feet ссылка на подробности the rising sun, and sought with weary limbs his long deserted home.
His most intensive and productive use of the seer stone was in the translation of the Book of Mormon.
But he also dictated several revelations to his associates through the stone.
Michael Quinn, Signature Books, SLC, 1987, p.
Morris, Provo, Utah: Maxwell Institute, 2005.
Jessee, BYU Studies, copyright 1969, p.
The greatest concentrations of mounds are found вот ссылка the Mississippi and Ohio valleys.
Well into the nineteenth century there were European Americans hunting for buried wealth.
Some believed in treasures that were protected by magic spells or guarded by preternatural beings.
Moroni as Angel and as Treasure Guardian, Mark Ashurst-McGee, BYU, NY Faculty, p 1.
Because some thought that the mound builders may have been ancient Europeans, the removal of the Indian tribes was justified to reclaim European land, as well as to ensure the safety of civilization.
For behold, they had hardened their hearts against him, that they had become like unto a flint; wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them.
He had heard something of a silver mine having been opened by the Spaniards in Harmony, Susquehanna county, State of Pennsylvania; and had, previous to my hiring to him, been digging, in order, if possible, to discover the mine.
After I went to live with him, he took me, with the rest of his hands, to dig for the silver mine, at which I continued to work for nearly a month, without success in our undertaking, and finally I prevailed with the old gentleman to cease digging after it.
Hence arose the very prevalent story of my having been a money-digger.
Hale to take two-thirds, and Charles Newton, Wm.
Wiley, and the widow Harper to take the other third.
And we further agree that Joseph Smith, Sen.
Second: And we further agree, that in consideration of the expense and labor to which the following named persons have been at Johs F.
Shepherd, Elijah Stowell and John Grant to consider them as equal sharers in the mine after all the coined money and bars or ingot are obtained by the undersigned.
Their shares to be taken out from each share; and we further agree to remunerate all the three above named persons in a handsome manner for all their time, expense, and labor which they have 5 or may be at, until the mine is opened, if anything should be obtained; otherwise they are to lose their time, expense and labor.
Third: And we further agree that all the expense which has or may accrue until the mine is opened, shall be equally borne by the proprietors of each third and that after the mine is opened the expense shall be equally borne by each of the shares.
David Hale Isaiah Stowell P.
Newton Calvin Stowell Charles A.
Newton Joseph Smith Jr.
Purple took notes at the trial and tells us, "In February, 1826, the sons of Mr.
Midnight was the favorite hour, a full moon was helpful, and Good Friday was the best date.
Joe would sometimes stand by, directing the digging with a wand.
Though strange to us today, treasure-seeking beliefs probably influenced hundreds of thousands of Europeans and thousands of early European Americans.
Many early 5 believed that treasures had been secreted in the earth by ancient inhabitants of the continent, by Spanish explorers, by pirates, or even by the dwarves of European mythology.
Treasure hunters usually looked for caves and lost mines or dug into hills and Native American mounds to find these hidden deposits.
A legend, a treasure map, or a dream of buried wealth initiated the hunt.
Local specialists were enlisted to use their divining rods or seer stones to locate the treasure.
To hide from the scrutiny of skeptics and the notice of other treasure seekers, they worked under the cover of darkness.
Gathering at the designated spot, the 5 seekers 5 out magical circles around the treasure.
They used Bible passages and hymns, prayers and incantations, ritual swords and other magical items, or even propitiatory animal sacrifices to appease or fend off preternatural guardians of the treasure.
Excavation usually commenced under a rule of silence.
Should someone carelessly mutter or curse, the treasure guardian could penetrate the circle or carry the treasure away through the earth.
Thompson, an employee of Mr.
Stowell, was the next witness.
He and another man were employed in digging for treasure, and always attended the Deacon and Smith in their nocturnal labors.
He could not assert that anything of value was ever obtained by them.
The following scene was described by this witness, and carefully noted: Smith had told the Deacon that very many years before a band of robbers had buried on his flat a box of treasure, and as it was very valuable they had by a sacrifice placed a charm over it to protect it, so that адрес страницы could not be obtained except by faith, accompanied by certain talismanic influences.
So, after arming themselves with fasting and prayer, they sallied forth to the spot designated by Smith.
Digging was commenced with fear and trembling, in the presence как сообщается здесь this imaginary charm.
Thompson, an employee of Mr.
Stowell, while at Lanesboro, heard of the fame of one of his sons, named Joseph, who, by the aid of a magic stone had become a famous seer of lost or hidden treasures.
PURPLE "Moroni, the person who deposited the plates, from whence the book of Mormon was translated, in a hill in Manchester, Ontario County, New York, being dead, and raised again therefrom, appeared unto me, and told me where they were; and gave me directions how to obtain them.
There are hundreds in a similar condition.
The words, 'It came to pass,' is repeated 56 times in 16 pages, and even ten times on one page.
Consequently these four things are repeated 162 times on the eardrum, while здесь of the war of the Nephites and Lemanites, in the day of Moroni, and reign of the judges, according to the book of Alma.
Never was credulity or avarice more useful in a bad way, or knavery more successful than in the lives of Joe Smith and Martin Harris.
Sept 16, 1875 No.
It is one of many drumlin hills in the Finger Lakes region in Western New York in Manchester, where Joseph Smith Jr.
The event was confirmed by Joseph Knight, the LDS convert who supplied Joseph and Oliver with necessities while they translated the Book of Mormon.
On 17 September 1884, Lorenzo said to William H.
But his oldest brother died before the year was out.
Kelley Papers, box 5, fd.
Before that time his oldest brother died.
Kelley interview with Saunders, E.
Kelley Papers, box 1, fd.
We know from his dreams how strongly Joseph, Sr.
Bushman, "Joseph Smith's Family Background," in The Prophet Joseph: Essays on the Life and Mission of Joseph Smithed.
Porter and Susan Easton Black, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book.
Moroni as Angel and as Treasure Guardian, Mark Ashurst-McGee, BYU, NY Faculty, p.
Anderson, Signature Books, 1990, p.
He kneeled down and asked the Lord why the Record had been taken from him; upon which the angel of the Lord appeared to him, and told him that he had not done as he had been commanded, for in a former revelation he had been commanded not to lay the plates down, or put them for a moment out of his hands, until he got into the house and deposited them in a chest or trunk, having a good lock and key, and, contrary to this, he had laid them down 5 the view of securing some fancied or imaginary treasure that remained.
He kneeled down and asked the Lord why the Record had been taken from him; upon which the angel of the Lord appeared to him, and told him that he had not done as he had been commanded, for in a former revelation he had been commanded not to lay the plates down, or put them for a moment out of his hands, until he got into the house вот ссылка deposited them in a chest or trunk, having a good lock and key, and, contrary to this, he had laid them down with the view of securing some fancied or imaginary treasure that remained.
Gardner notes, We all know that Joseph used the Urim and Thummim to translate the Book of Mormon—except he didn't.
The Book of Mormon mentions interpreters, but not the Urim and Thummim.
It was the Book of Mormon interpreters which were given to Joseph with the plates.
When Moroni took back the interpreters after the loss of the 116 manuscript pages, Joseph completed the translation with one of his seer stones.
Until after the translation of the Book of Mormon, the Urim and Thummim belonged to the Bible and the Bible only.
The Urim and Thummim became part of the story when it was presented within and to the Great Tradition.
Eventually, even Joseph Smith used Urim and Thummim больше информации as labels generically representing either the Book of Mormon interpreters or the seer stone used during translation.
After the loss of the 116 pages, contemporary accounts are very clear that Joseph continued the translation using his seer stone.
In later years, the term 'Urim and Thummin' was retroactively applied to both the Nephite interpreters and to Joseph's seer stone.
Day after day I continued, uninterrupted, to write from his mouth, as he translated, with the Urim and Thummim, or, as the Nephites would have said, ' Interpreters,' the history, or record, called The book of Mormon.

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