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Вспышка Viltrox JY670N Macro Ring Llite for Nikon

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Вспышка Viltrox JY670N Macro Ring Llite for Nikon

Фонарь передний JY-369 G/560174


فلاش حلقه ای ماکرو _Macro Ring Viltrox JY670 Вспышка Viltrox JY670N Macro Ring Llite for Nikon

Amazon.com : VILTROX JY-670N On-camera i-TTL Macro Close-up Fill-in LED Ring Flash 4 Https://realgost.ru/100/chip-dlya-konica-minolta-bizhub-c2535-iup-14m-m-drum-30k-tnx-bizhub-c2535.html for Nikon D750 D810 D7200 4 D7000 D5500 D5200 D5300 D3300 D3200 DSLR Camera 4 Adapter Ring : Camera & Photo
VILTROX TTL Nikon JY670N 4 Ring Llite.

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Вспышка Viltrox JY670N Macro Ring Llite for Nikon

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Viltrox JY670N E-TTL Macro Ring Lite for Nikon - 45497

JY670N can be fully compatible with Nikon TTL.
The Viltrox JY-670 from JYC 4 a battery-powered portable ring flash, which I was sent 4 sample of to review.

Вспышка Viltrox JY670N Macro Ring Llite for Nikon

Unlike the Orbis or DIY ring flash adapters, the JY-670 natively mounts to your camera and lens without 4 brackets.

It comprises a control unit that sits on the hotshoe and the ring.

Viltrox JY-670 Ring Flash - realgost.ru

Get the best deals on Viltrox Ring Light/Macro Camera 4 when. VILTROX JY670N Macro Ring Flash Light for Nikon SLR Camera i-TTL.

Вспышка Viltrox JY670N Macro Ring Llite for Nikon

4 JY670 Macro Ring Flash.
Get the best deals on Viltrox Ring Light/Macro Camera Flashes for Nikon when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com.

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Free shipping on many items | 4 your favorite brands | affordable prices.
JY670N can be fully compatible with Nikon TTL 4 smart choice for photographer who are interested in macro photo 4 Support Low Speed SYNRear Curtain SYN and Focus Lock In Manual Mode: Flash Outut can be set at 13 steps while 22 combination can be made for the ratio between two flash tubes.

Does anyone have experience with the Viltrox JY-670 Ring 4 see 4 Macro Ring 4 Light Lite Viltrox JY-670 for Canon Nikon Sony | eBay It is manual but has many power and нажмите для деталей options - under $100 with shipping Thanks
Oct 30, 2011 · Viltrox JY-670 Ring Light: You have it?

Oct 30, 2011 I was wondering if anyone had this and could provide a review of it, as 4 to scour the all-mighty Google have 4 futile.

For general photography you'd get all of the pitfalls or ring flash (red-eye and so on) and few of the benefits—it would look not too very unlike the flash on a compact point-and-shoot.

Вспышка Viltrox JY670N Macro Ring Llite for Nikon

The AB Ratio (the set of numbers at the bottom, running from 8:1 through 1:8) is useful for macro 4 for general photography. The flash is a 4 (split.

Вспышка Viltrox JY670N Macro Ring Llite for Nikon

Since 4 going to be 4 fun, so has bought bought a few Fotga 10+16mm Extension tubes and 1 Viltrox JY670 Macro ring flashfor 4. Has received the Fotga extension tubes last week, only got the chance to put them in action 4. Man. they are stuff.

Вспышка Viltrox JY670N Macro Ring Llite for Nikon

They got me really close to my old Canon 100mm, a real macro lens performance. To celebrate 100 years of Pentax, we are hosting ourfeaturing cameras, premium lenses, and more!
Log in or to participate for a chance to win the new Pentax flagship DSLR, a K-70, and more this month.
If it was actual flash tubes, maybe it'd be worth it and explain the lack of full-circle coverage like the Pentax AF-160C.
Here is well-known cheap flash maker that is less приведенная ссылка half that price, and don't worry.
No Guide Number or anything!
Thanks for the reply.
One of the features I liked was the ability to adjust the level individually on the left and the right.
I did find one review for this unit see Just as your name 4 I do panorama photography - PTGui, NIK HDR Efex.
Photoshop Just did a HDR pano 4 the interior 4 a cathedral 255 shots 55 pictures at 5 exposure settings.
I am just venturing into по этой ссылке photography and feel I need a flash.
Thanks again for prompt reply Just as your name applies I do panorama photography - PTGui, NIK HDR Efex.
Photoshop Just did a HDR pano of the нажмите для деталей of a cathedral 255 shots 4 pictures at 5 exposure settings.
I am just venturing into macro photography and feel I need a flash.
Well, rock on, fellow HDR 4 />I'd love to see your cathedral pano and I thought my average of 50 shots per pano 6 around, 1 up, 2 down, x5 exp.
The reason I know about the cheap ring lights on eBay is because I, too, am just venturing into macro photography: No ring flash used obviouslybut rather a Metz-48 with a home-made reflector bending down toward the front of the lens.
Lots of wasted light, and the recycle time means I miss lots of shots.
I'd still like to have the option of multiple flashes.
Thanks for the 4 to the review of that unit.
I'll take a look!
If you read the specs of this flash, it would seem that this is not LED but has flash tubes.
I was also interested in this since it has variable power levels perfect for macro.
I have not found a person using one but the only review I did fine said it has plenty of light plus all the adjustments to both нажмите для деталей />I'll probably pull the trigger and get one but first I want to test out a rig with two small mini flashes that I have.
This flash is a "real" flash not LED flash according to the seller on eBay.
Here's the note I received from him: Thank you for your interest in out product.
Regarding to your question, it's real flash.
That's why the price is a bit higher that the LED one.
If you have any 4 question, please feel free to contact us.
Best regard, Noolek Just bought one - takes a few weeks to arrive.
I will post a review.
However I am just learning macro so the review may be a little off base.
As far as LED vs.
Hope it works out for you!
Might also want to tell the seller he'd get less questions and more buyers?
I got the flash ring and so far I am very pleased with the unit, both its construction and performance.
The unit has two flash tubes NOT LED's and you can adjust the power level of each one, shooting with both or just one at various levels as described in the literature and on the web site.
The unit also has two led lights to help focusing which I find helpful.
The Guide Number advertised is 46.
Thanks to a friend, Richard Bender, I calibrated the lens using a ColorChecker and took a series of photos of a 18% grade card at varying exposures.
The images were corrected and the color read in PhotoShop using the Eyedropper tool to determine a true 18% Gray exposure and knowing the distance and f stop a 'real' Guide Number.
The GN at full power firing both tubes is 26 feet at ISO 100.
I am just getting started with macro but plan to post a more comprehensive review with some photos as I gain experience.
That's great if these are real flash tubes!
I'm guessing it would be better than the Sunpak Auto DX12R since with this you have a very variable light source.
Although the DX12R does have an "auto" feature.
This looks promising for this Viltrox flash.
Please do update us with a more extensive review.
I planned to test the flash in my flower garden but unfortunately our house was severely damaged in a derecho storm like a tornado but straight and we'll be out of our home for two to three months.
Fortunately there were no injuries but doing macro work and testing the flash has taken a back seat.
However, my initial impression is that it is a great deal for the price.
Sorry to hear about your mishap Bob.
This is not a big deal.
Attend to what you have to first 'coz that is what's important.
I hope you guys will be able to recover fast.
There are CaNikon and Sonolta versions though I owned one for the A-Mount and it's a cracking bit of kit.
My query is that 4 Pentax shares the universal hot-shoe mount with all but Sonolta, would a CaNikon version work on a K-5 or are there voltage differences between the brands that share the universal mount?
I haven't checked to see if the 4 has TTL metering like the Delta, but if it does, then for the price, it's a bit of a bargain.
The Delta is available from Foto-Tip via evilBay.
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